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Come visit with us!    We invite you to visit with us on Sunday morning at 11:00 for a great time of worship and fellowship. The children are invited to Sunday School during this time in our classrooms downstairs.   We are located at 8383 Highway 53 in Braselton, GA.  You can view a map at the bottom of this page for directions or click the Contact link in the menu above.   Scroll down the page to get to know us better!

Learn with us!  We also have Christian Training Bible Study each Wednesday evening. We invite you to come study the Word of god with us.

Christian Life Center would be honored to have you as our guests! May God bless you today is our prayer!

-Pastor Berry Sossoman

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Christian Life Center is a Spirit filled, multicultural church made up of people from all walks of life.   We invite you to come and experience Pentecostal Worship, Apostolic Doctrine, and a congregation that cares about your connection to God.  We endeavor to meet the needs of our community by providing:

  • A friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

  • Warm and exciting worship.

  • Engaging messages to uplift and encourage.

  • A wide array of music and songs.

Make this Sunday the day your new life begins!

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When you arrive you will be greeted by friendly staff and CLC members.  We promise no pressure, no sales pitches or gimmicks, just a warm and genuine welcome.  On Sunday morning after our worship, the children will be dismissed to attend Sunday School classes where they will be presented with a Bible lesson geared toward their age group.   Our worship consists of:

  • keyboards

  • guitars

  • drums

  • organ

  • and of course robust, heartfelt and anointed singing.

So what are you waiting for?  Come and be our guest this Sunday!


In a world where truth is relative to situation, we promise to declare the unchanging truth of God’s word.  We promise not to diffuse, dilute, or diminish the message of the Cross, repentance, baptism, or any other doctrines found in God’s Word.   We still believe the Bible is true and when preached with authority and anointing, still has the power to change the life of individuals.   We still believe that:

  • Marriages can be saved.

  • Addicts can be delivered.

  • Bondages can be broken.

  • Hearts can be mended.

  • Families can be restored.

  • And peace can still be found.

This is our promise.

With a week like you’ve had, treat yourself to a Sunday like this!


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